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Laser Lab provides a stencil laser cutting service for individuals and companies looking for bespoke stencils. We can either design the stencil for you or use a pre made design. Laser cutting is a cost effective and precise way of creating stencils on a variety of materials and for a wide variety of uses. We use the latest design techniques and state of the art machinery to ensure that you get the highest quality laser cut stencils every time. We stock wide range of stencilling supplies and materials to suit most applications.  Laser cutting stencils offers various advantages over traditional stencil making methods. This allows us to create financially viable stencils whether you are buying one or need 1000.


If you need any more information or need help setting up a file get in touch and our team of experts will be more than happy to help you. We can provide you information on what we think will be the best solution for your purpose.






Laser cut stencils are a fantastic solution for a wide range of applications. Flexible, rigid, reusable and cost effective what’s not to love. Common uses for laser cut stencils include, industrial applications, manufacturing purposes, fabric marking, clothing motifs, clothing decoration, warning signs, directional floor or wall signs, food stencils, graffiti, wall art & graphics, model making, car park painting and many more. get in touch now to see how our lasercutting service can help you.

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