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Roe & Coe proposal

When considering our design we wanted to ensure that it met all of your criteria while remaining functional, durable, and unique. The construction will be made up of sandwiched acrylic and wood held together by stainless steel rods. We will hide all of the fixings with face plates on either side. The plates can be engraved and customised with your logo and will feature a transparent panel that will show off the bottle from the outside.  There will be a spotlight hidden in the bottom of the box by a screen panel which will illuminate the box and bottle, effectively making it a lantern. The spotlight will be rechargeable and we will hide the switch and the recharging point with some kind of flap.

The reasons we chose this design are:

- Although the sample you sent over was an effective use of the box after purchase, the bottle has to be taken out for it to become    a lamp. Using this design means that you can use the box as a lantern, with the whiskey inside the box. This will not only project    a  striped pattern but will also colour the light emitted from the latern, with the hue of the whiskey.

- The product can be illuminated even when the box is closed.

- This form of construction minimises gluing and allows us to hide all fixings

- The whiskey bottle doesn't have to be removed before it is useful as a lamp

- It's more durable due it not having any hinges

- The 2 large transparent side panels show of the product even when the box is closed.

- There is a large space on  the bottom of both side panels for logos and other engraving

Below the images are some videos that will hopefully show you the product from all angles

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