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laser cutting process


Laser cutting and engraving machines are extremely versatile machines. In this section you will find lots of information that will explain the many different ways that a laser can be used to create a wide variety of products.


Because laser cutting is such a precise art the design files always need to be perfect. If you have designed the files yourself, we will always check them but if you could  use the following general guidelines, it will ensure your products will always turn out to the finest standards. For more specific guidelines visit the Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving (Raster), Laser Engraving (Vector), Photo Engraving or Metal Marking Page.

  • Be in a vector format: we recommend Adobe Illustrator but we can work with other formats on request.

  • All cut lines Red on the RGB swatch stroke set to 0.001 hairline

  • Heavy engraving Black on the RGB swatch

  • Light engraving Blue on the RGB swatch

  • All cut lines should be connected units set to mm

  • 5mm from the edge of the sheet

  • 5mm gap between parts

  • Zoom set to 100%

  • 720 x 420  maximum sheet size

  • Convert all text to shapes

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