Laser cutting is a process where a CNC or Laser Cutting machine, uses a vector file to precisely cut a material into the desired shape






The type of laser that we use is a C02 laser machine.


CO2 laser machines  emit a beam that is  passed through the machine using a variety of mirrors that the beam reflects off. the beam is then passed through a focal lens and focused on a predetermined point, on the materials surface.  The beam then cuts the material by vaporising it and is guided by the vector file programmed into the Laser. One of the major advantages of using a laser Cutter to cut material is that because of the heat caused by the beam the edges are left polished and not frayed unlike other conventional cutting methods that tend to leave frayed edges.


One thing to remember when designing for a laser cutting machine is that the beam will actually remove part of the material on the cut line. This is called kerf, so when designing a file, especially for products that have conjoining parts, it is essential to factor in the lost material. Doing this will ensure that all parts fit together perfectly.






Laser cutting machines can work with a huge list of materials, including: Wood, Acrylic, Card and paper. Our machine cannot cut metal stone or glass but can engrave on these materials . One thing to note is that we cannot work with any material that include Chlorine due to the toxic gasses that are released. These include   Any Vinyl, PVC or Pu materials.


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